Payson Utah 5

Payson Utah 5

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  • Standard Semi-gloss: “Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper” has traditionally been the most popular photo print paper used by professional photographers and offers a standard high quality presentation.

  • Metallic: “Kodak Professional Endura Premier Metallic Paper” has a distinctive, dramatic, glossy, metallic appearance with exceptional visual interest and depth that will draw all eyes to your displayed image.

  • Deep Matte Paper: David Hobby writes,The prints are hard to describe. They are beautiful and painterly; somehow muted and saturated at the same time. …. As for the paper itself, the … surface is beautifully non-reflective.”

  • Whether you choose Fuji Deep Matte, Kodak Semi-gloss, or Kodak Metallic paper, your fine art temple print arrives permanently mounted on 3mm styrene substrate for convenient framing.