Temple Art in One's Own Home

Brandon saw a framed image of the Manti Utah Temple displayed in the home of a friend. Intrigued, he wanted to know more. Learning the image was of my creation, and then wanting to see more and larger options in person, we arranged for him to see additional images on display. After examining prints on "Kodak's standard semi-gloss", and "Kodak's metallic paper," and even on canvas, Brandon chose a 16 x 24 inch print (the one you see here) on metallic paper. Acquiring his own frame he now proudly displays this Manti Temple image he loved so much in his very own home.

The second photo reveals this same Manti Temple image on display at the "26th Annual Spiritual and Religious Exhibition at the Springville Museum of Art of Utah." Looking closely one will see the framed photo presented on a wall all by itself (how cool is that!) with a cream colored mat and black frame.

Manti Temple 7979 2x3 format for site upload.jpg
26th Annual Spiritual and Religious Exhibition.JPG
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