St. George

I feel a special fondness for the St. George Utah Temple. Every opportunity I have to stroll the grounds seems a sacred experience. I also particularly like the following portion of the dedicatory prayer offered on April 6, 1877 by Daniel H. Wells (a much storied participant in the latter-day restoration):

"Almighty and Everlasting God, our Heavenly Father … Thou who art the Father of our spirits; it is to Thee we approach this morning to worship and to offer up our dedicatory prayer, in thanksgiving and praise for this offering, even a Temple which Thou hast enabled Thy people to rear unto Thy most Holy Name. We realize, Our Father, that we are dependent upon Thee, and that, although we are shut out from Thy presence, inheriting many weaknesses and made subject to many temptations and sins, we are Thy children and as such, we come before Thee in the depths of humility, with broken hearts and contrite spirits, praying that Thine indulgence, Thy tender mercy and compassion may be extended toward us, and that Thou wilt forgive everything which thine all-seeing and searching eye hath held amiss in us."

These three images - the first of several to eventually find their way here - were created as I walked the temple grounds. I hope you find them as I intended: sacred, reverential, inspiring.